from Monticello High School Mustang to Brigham Young University Cougar
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can." ~John Wesley~

What's for Dinner

Sometimes life gets hard at college and my one escape is really accessible... my kitchen stove.... call me crazy but I love to cook, always have and hopefully always will. Just for fun I decided I would keep track of what's for dinner this year every night! We'll see how this goes!

Day 1: 08/22/11
Move-in Day and Grocery Shopping Day.... not my favorite 2 things.... so yep lame I had a turkey sandwich

Day 2: 08/23/11
Tonight was Chicken Tetrazini Night
Here's my recipe
~cooked chicken breast
~egg noodles cooked
~1 can of cream of chicken soup
~splash of milk
~handful of cheese
~lots and lots of Italian Seasoning and fresh ground Black Pepper
YUMMY! I loved making this for my roomies and Dana!

Day 3: 08/24/11
Tonight I cheated and I went with my FHE sister Dana to Zupas cause it's just that good!

Day 4: 08/25/11
I made a Sammy Sandwich it was yummy and simple. I put mayo on one piece of bread and honey mustard on the other layered some provolone and turkey. Sandwich finished! Then I dipped it in an egg wash and then I pan fried it. I love yummy warm sandwiches and this one was super good.

Day 5: 08/26/11
Today was a chicken alfredo and salad type of night. I would love to claim that I made the alfredo sauce by scratch but as a college kid that's a big heck no! Store bought sauces are my best friend!

Day 6: 08/27/11
Tortellini in pink sauce! I love the mix of pizza sauce and alfredo! It was like that stuff out of the can that I used to eat at Girl's Camp but better!

Day 7: 08/28/11
Yay for the boys coming over to cook with us! I'm a little concerned they may think we're a little crazy but hey at least we're fun! We made an awesome dinner too! I made my first ever loaf of bread because when I was attempting to make dinner rolls they kinda sorta rose too much... but it was yummy bread. I totally stole my grandma's secret of the egg wash then sprinkle sugar and salt on top thing it was way legit and it made it really pretty!
The boys helped us make this really yummy fried rice and Italian Dressing Chicken it was pretty yummy and we have friends outside our apartment now which makes me even happier!

Day 8: 08/29/11
Taco Salad thank you Ward Opening Social for feeding me for free!

Day 9: 08/30/11
Today I had a cheeseburger which was totally seasoned amazingly... thank you Wayside for the lesson in seasoning stuff and shells and cheese also spiced up cause that's how I do things!

Day 10: 08/31/11
Chicken Alfredo again.... new favorite!

Day 11: 09/01/11
Trying something new tonight... I made up a recipe in my head and it turned out really yummy.... here's what you do

~1 squirt of mustard
~1/2 bottle of honey mustard salad dressing
~Salt, Pepper, a dash of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg

Grill Chicken to get grill marks and then finish off by cooking it in a skillet with the left over marinade in the oven at 350

Serve over Rice
Brown Rice in a squirt of mustard and freshly ground pepper

Put it all together and yummy dinner done

Day 12: 09/02/11
Dirty Rice... thanks Wayside for this one!

Day 13: 09/03/11
Thanks Mama Hope and Courtney for inviting us to a BBQ!
Everything was delicious and I really need the fruit salad recipe!

Day 14: 09/04/11
Spaghetti Break the Fast... oh and I made really yummy brownies
Box Mix... follow instructions
2 huge scoops of Peanut Butter
a splash of vanilla
dash of cinnamon
caramelized nuts (butter, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon)

Day 15: 09/05/11
Memorial Day!
I made italian rice and chicken but the italian dressing tasted WAY too much like vinegar so yep that was not a good one I will not be making that again.

Day 16: 09/06/11
yummy simple and quick my 3 favorite things

Day 17: 09/07/11
Thanks to Courtney's grandparents I didn't have to cook! They fed us the most yummy alfredo chicken caserole!

Day 18: 09/08/11
Thursday Night Dinners are being reinstated starting with Mexican Lasagna and Black Bean and Corn Salad

Day 19: 09/09/11
So today was a terrible day so my sister came and rescued me and took me to Costa Vida

Day 20: 09/10/11
Another lazy day.... went to Salt Lake and the Dahle's fed me lunch and then Mallory got be dinner on the way home from Salt Lake... yay no COOKING!

Day 21: 09/11/11
Another no cooking day! I got to go to Draper for Sunday Dinner! Aunt Brenda made super yummy roast and potatoes and carrots and corn, and Ashlyn made some really yummy cookies. When I got back to Provo I ended up making hte largest pot of mashed potatoes for my roomies and some of the boys.

Day 22: 09/12/11
Tonight I came up with another crazy recipie. This one is chicken alfredo mac and cheese. It was super yummy. I grilled the chicken with some really yummy spices and then I cut it into thin slices and put it with elbow macaroni and alfredo sauce. I combined all of that and then placed it in a 13x9 pan. After that I sprinkled it with some cheese and tadah! Food!

Day 23: 09/13/11
Mommy and Daddy came by and took me out to eat!

Day 24: 09/14/11
Chicken Alfredo! I grilled the chicken with really yummy seasoning it was super yummy!

Day 25: 09/15/11
I didn't have to cook again Mom and Dad took me, Mal, and Aiai to Zupa's for dinner

Day 26: 09/16/11
I didn't have to cook again this time we went out to Cafe Rio for Daddy's birthday... geez this whole being spoiled thing is going to end soon and I'll have to start cooking again :(

Day 27: 09/17/11
Yay for a Catering job that feeds me!!! I got to have steak and mashed potatoes and really yummy cobbler!

Day 28: 09/18/11
I made a huge huge huge huge huge huge batch of elbow macaroni and we had chicken alfredo it looks like we'll be having mac and cheese for the rest of eternity!

Day 29: 09/19/11
Homemade Mac and Cheese pretty much the best thing ever... I'm way way way proud of myself

Day 30: 09/20/11
Mexi Lasagna and a burnt finger

Day 31: 09/21/11
$5 pizza I think yes here's for pizza for days on end

Day 32: 09/22/11
Dad's recipie for Mexican Rice I made SOOOO much of it

Day 33: 09/23/11
I worked so I got rich people left overs tonight it was ham, flank steak, rice, and mango pineapple chicken

Day 34: 09/24/11
Squeeze in dinner before a date yay for turkey honey mustard and provolone grilled sandwiches

Day 35: 09/25/11
Sunday Dinner! Ceasar chicken just for Court!

Day 36: 09/26/11
All I ate today was a sandwich I don't know why but I wasn't very hungry

Day 37: 09/27/11
I wanted to go out to eat but a certain someone turned down my offer of a free dinner on me so instead I made alfredo noodles.

Day 38: 09/28/11
On the way to the Taylor Swift Concert we ate at hotdog on a stick I was not a fan of the whole corn dog idea but the cheese on a stick was interesting oh and then we had icecream from DQ and then I washed it all down with 4 cookies... my tummy is not so happy it'll be back to boring food tomorrow

Day 39: 09/29/11
After what might have been the very worst day of my life when it comes to schooling I made whole wheat pasta for the first time... I am not a fan it is way way way way way too crunchy even when you cook it according to the box instructions

Day 40: 09/30/11
Thank you rich people once again for letting me have your leftovers. I had green beans, scalloped potatoes, and asiago alfredo chicken.... it was all really good but I didn't get to eat a whole bunch of it so my sister ended up taking me to Wendy's for my real dinner.

Day 41: 10/01/11
General Conference Day! We went to Salt Lake and had a picnic on Temple Square for lunch and then we had a combination of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Primavera for dinner.

Day 42: 10/02/11
Thank you Stacey for feeding me!!! We had really yummy oven roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and brocolli casserole... I love when other people feed me it always tastes sooo yummy!

Day 43: 10/03/11
Hamburger Mac and Cheese kind of night

Day 44: 10/04/11
Alfredo Noodles

Day 45: 10/05/11
Courtney's Grandma made me Spaghetti

Day 46: 10/06/11
I made honey mustard chicken it was nearly perfect.... all it needed was some brocolli

Day 47: 10/07/11
Fella Free Friday meets Girls Night Out meets Macaroni Grill all dressed up :D

Day 48: 10/08/11
I had enchilladas and taco salad brought to you by the BYU Legacy Tent

Day 49: 10/09/11
I had a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich

Day 50: 10/10/11
Quesadilla Night with Court

Day 51: 10/11/11
Shells and Cheese

Day 52: 10/12/11
Chicken Quesadilla

Day 53: 10/13/11
Dirty Rice

Day 54: 10/14/11
Turkey and Provolone Bagels

Day 55: 10/15/11
Day out with Mallory = Noodles and Company for Lunch and Burger King for Dinner

Day 56: 10/16/11
We ate like kings.... Pot Roast, Homemade Smashed Potatoes, Homemade Gravy (way to go Hil), Dudley's Famous Chocolate Pie, and Stewed Veggies.. there will be pictures it was epic

Day 57: 10/17/11
King Ranch Chicken

Day 58: 10/18/11
Alfredo Noodles

Day 59: 10/19/11
My cute Colorado cousins took me out to eat it was the best ever yummy chicken and dumplings....a real taste of home

Day 60: 10/20/11
Eating out with Court and Zach... I really need to stop this and start cooking

Day 61: 10/21/11
Applebee's with Cori and Mike and Family

Day 62: 10/22/11
Thank you rich people for a late lunch/ early dinner of gumbo and dirty rice... oh and FRIED OREOS.... then late late late after the date I took Bry out to Taco Bell on our way up the canyon to spend the night with Mal and the Holloway's

Day 63: 10/23/11
Thank you Mike and Cori for feeding all of us crazy starving college students.... Idaho Baked Potatoes and the yummies chilli ever

Day 64: 10/24/11
Baked Potatoe

Day 65: 10/25/11
Homemade Poor Man Stoup... soooo yummy

Day 66: 10/26/11
Courtney's Grandparents fed me yummy chicken pot pie

Day 67: 10/27/11
Homemade Mac and Cheese

Day 68: 10/28/11
Chicken Alfredo with Hil and Jordan

Day 69: 10/29/11
Left-over Day

Day 70: 10/30/11
BOYS NIGHT for cooking Sunday Dinner.... in reality I just had them get the ingredients for yummy spaghetti and meatballs

Day 71: 10/31/11
Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Chicken and Country Gravy

Day 72: 11/01/11
Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese

Day 73: 11/02/11
Left over Mac and Cheese

Day 74: 11/03/11
Chicken Taco

Day 75: 11/04/11
Noodle Company with the Heber Crew

Day 76: 11/05/11
Kara cooked for me and Jordan and we had yummy stir-fry

Day 77: 11/06/11
After being last in line for ward break-the-fast I was still hungry so I ended up making Italian Seasoned Chicken and Bowtie Pasta covered in Alfredo sauce for me and Craig and Jordan... geez I spoil those boys :P

Day 78: 11/07/11
Noodles... nasty

Day 79: 11/08/11
Noodles... again nasty

Day 80: 11/09/11
I'm making Mexi-Lasagna and Corn and Bean Salad for Kara

Day 81: 11/10/11

Day 82: 11/11/11
Lemon Chicken and Mac and Cheese with Matt and Kara

Day 83: 11/12/11
A little bit of rich people food from the Legacy Tent and then a Panda Express adventure with Aurora and Hilary

Day 84: 11/13/11
Lemon Chicken some really yummy potatoes and cooked veggies... thanks Greg and Aurora your Sunday Dinners ROCKED!

Day 85: 11/14/11
Orange Chicken Rice and Veggies with Kara

Day 86: 11/15/11
Tortellini Alfredo Sauce and Grilled Chicken with Kara, Courtney, and Zach

Day 87: 11/16/11
Turkey Dinner with the FHE brothers

Day 88: 11/17/11
Kara made me dinner

Day 89: 11/18/11
Panda Express

Day 90: 11/19/11
I made my own Orange Chicken after Catering but I really wasn't that hungry

Day 91: 11/20/11
Sunday Dinner... I don't know what Courtney calls what she made but it was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten

Day 92: 11/21/11
Aurora, Kara, Matt, and I had dinner together. We ate salad and orange chicken over rice! Matt provided really yummy desserts.

Day 93: 11/22/11
Begin the eating of crap before Thanksgiving Break..... I had mac and cheese and all sorts of other leftovers in our fridge

Day 94: 11/23/11 TRAVEL DAY to DENVER
After a LONG ride to Denver I was so thankful for some really yummy spaghetti and meatballs at Cori's

Day 95: 11/24/11 THANKSGIVING
We had our own little mini-Thanksgiving just me, Mallory, Tyler, and Cori it was casserole central.... Aunt Jenny's Corn and Greenbean Casserole, Brocolli and Cheese Casserole, a Turkey Bake, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls, and of course pies (pumpkin and chocolate)

Day 96: 11/25/11 THANKSGIVING part 2
This was the real deal with the family..... so delicious! There were too many types of food to even list.... but the one that honestly made my day was there was bacon in the deviled eggs best idea ever it tasted like heaven.... I will be trying that from now on

Day 97: 11/26/11 TRAVEL DAY home
Well we took family pictures and had Thanksgiving part 3 which was leftovers.... but for dinner we had Burger King I hate Burger King I hate the food you have to eat when you travel but whatever it was a necessary evil

Day 98: 11/27/11 THANKSGIVING part 3
The Ailshe's made us Thanksgiving part 3 (or 6 depending on how you count it)

Day 99: 11/28/11
I had a sandwich

Day 100: 11/29/11
I made mac and cheese and burgers for Kara, Courtney, Zach and me

Day 101: 11/30/11
Orange Chicken over rice

Day 102: 12/01/11
Thank you Catering for helping me learn to make Asiago Chicken over Bowtie pasta... super yummy

Day 103: 12/02/11
Today I went out to to dinner with Jordan, Kara, Zach, and Courtney at Cafe Rio then Kara treated me to frozen yogurt

Day 104: 12/03/11
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich

Day 105: 12/04/11
Ham and Cheese Omellete with Hilary

Day 106: 12/05/11
Sandwich on the way to Temple Sqaure to see the lights