from Monticello High School Mustang to Brigham Young University Cougar
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can." ~John Wesley~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Introducing the "Grown-up Christmas List Month"

So the tender mercy month is over, but I have to come up with something to do for the month of December before Christmas, or I would completely forget to blog which has become my journal.... so this month I'm going to be bloggind about my "Grown-up Christmas List".

I got this idea from a Sunday School lesson where we made a "Christmas List for Life" and the things we wanted when all was said and done.... so here's what my list looked like
  • happiness regardless of where life takes me
  • a degree (Mrs. and at least Bachelor's degree)
  • a "forever family"
  • ect.

So here's how this month will go.... every day I will add something to my grown-up Christmas List.... things that are important to me.... bigger than I would like a scarf, a necklace, a car, and other material things.... and I'll explain why I want them in my life, and how I plan on achieving it. Slightly corny but hey it's about as Christmas-ey as I can get the day after Christmas!

Tender Mercy Day 31 and 32

Day 31:
Wednesday- sleeping in.... something I rarely get to do.... I slept until nearly 12:15 it was great! I wish that's how my life was all the time!

Day 32:
Thursday- Thanksgiving..... so here's a list of tender mercies and thankfullness
  • my sister- it's her 25th birthday and she is AMAZING! she takes such great care of me
  • good friends- I woke up to a telephone call from one of my favorite people on the entire earth, Brach Burton! although it was just to talk about the Turkey Bowl it made my day, and good friends in general I've truly got the best set of friends here in Utah and at home in Virginia
  • family- I got to talk on the phone with a lot of my family today.... I sure do love them and miss them a lot! They are amazing
  • my roommates- I couldn't have asked for 4 better people to live with
  • not being effected by the Heritage Halls flood- thank goodness I live one story up from all the damage, that would be a sucky way to come home from Thanksgiving
  • a wonderful boyfriend- he truly is such a great guy.... and no I have not complained or been obnoxious because he's away for just under a week (in case you were wondering)
  • for the beautiful country i live in- where else is it so different from coast to coast and a place of freedom where i can pursue happiness and prosperity
  • the gospel- the peace and happiness it brings to my life

there's a million more things that I am grateful for, but that seems like a good last post for my "Tender Mercies" Blog Month

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 29-30

Day 29:
Monday's tender mercy.... Sister Woodger's Living Prophets Class... she always teaches things that I need to hear. I truly just love that class and it makes Monday and Wednesday's bearable.

Day 30:
Tuesday's tender mercy.... STACEY! She came and rescued me from Provo before the crazy snow. She is great and totally takes care of me and my sister! I love Stacey!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 22-28

This week I identified tender mercies, but never got a chance to actually post them, so here we go a weeks worth of tender mercies.....

Day 22:

Monday- Today I was thankful for trying new things, yes this is intentionally vague. New things can at first be scary or uncomfortable, but it expands you... your comfort zone, your knowledge.... somehow new things are helpful. So today I'm grateful for trying new things.

Day 23:

Tuesday- Cleanliness! We have a cleaning check on Thursday, and I finally "caved" and cleaned my room. It's amazing how a clean room can help. I can actually get work done in my room and focus! It's great. Cleanliness=Productivity

Day 24:

Wednesday- My long day of classes. Me and Court went and visited Josh W. which was great! I honestly love being able to run over to 32 Felt and hang out! Those guys are great! So today's tender mercy thank heaven for Felt 32.

Day 25:

Thursday- Harry Potter!!! It would be really dumb to say today's tender mercy is Harry Potter, but it was still fun! The tender mercy today is truly just getting to spend quality time with my sister. It might seem like a dumb birthday present to give, but I love being with my sister and so Harry Potter tickets are a great gift especially when it means getting a whole weekend with her.

Day 26:

Friday- Third Graders! Today I spent the day in 3rd grade with my sister. I love hands-on experience. Today's tender mercy is knowing what I want to do. I'm glad that unlike most college kids who change their major a million times that I know that I want to teach in an elementary school. It's going to save a lot of time and tears, and I love having a direction instead of feeling like I'm blowing in the wind from one major to the next

Day 27:

Saturday- Simplicity! Today I got to go on one of the best dates ever! We went and watched Despicable Me at the dollar theater. I loved it! It was cute and fun! I have finally learned that I don't need a dozen roses, I don't need to be taken to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I love simplicity. I am happy just to be on a date regardless of how simple. It was also so much fun after the date just to play the "What if?" game! I love simple dates with Gariet! I love having fun and I don't need a lot to have fun.

Day 28:

Sunday- Watching snow fall! Tonight me and Gariet walked up to the Bell Tower to watch the snow fall. It was so cool.... I could see the snow falling down on campus, hear the kids tunnel singing, and even got to "ice skate" on the old layer of snow that had gotten slightly icy. I loved it! The snow is so pretty. Heavenly Father thank you for snow and for winter time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 21

Today's tender mercy... is thank heaven for Aurora... she is so loveable and always listens to me complain and moan about dumb things! I sure do love her, and I love what a great friend she is!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 19 and 20

Day 19: Today I'm grateful for relaxation. I feel like I get entirely caught up in the pace of college life and truly have 0 time to just chill out! Friday night though I got to chill at home with a good book and my teddy bear while my roommates were at a basketball game and my boyfriend took a test. It was sooo relaxing. After my alone/relax time I got to simply go on a walk with Gariet and just talk. I love simple things like relaxing and walks!

Day 20: Today's tender mercy came from getting to know new people! After a hectic morning of hair cuts, disney princess stickers, and time with my sister I got to go to the ward activity. I was last to leave with an apartment from my building... 45 Fox! They are so fun and adorable that I really don't know how/why I hadn't gotten to know them yet. I love making new friends and I truly love those girls! Yay for making new friends!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 17 and 18

Day 17:
Today I'm grateful for good friends. I spent 3 hours at Gariet's apartment without Gariet there. I love that apartment of guys, they are a lot of fun and all around great guys. Josh showed me magic tricks which completely blew my mind, and then Eric and Josh and I communicated in our Southern Accents which I normally try desperately to hide. We listened to some of the best country songs ever, and it was decided that they would be singing a song at my wedding. Look up the song.... Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.... Although it completely distracted me from my homework, I had a lot of fun. Tonight truly reminded me how much I love the social atmosphere of BYU, and the fact that there are such great people here! So Heavenly Father, thank you for the amazing people in my ward here at BYU!

Day 18:
I've been thinking about my daddy lately! Probably because I've listened to that Cinderella song about a million and one times. I absolutely adore my Dad. I've probably said it a million times, but because I have such an amazing Dad who loves me to death I can imagine in a small part just how much my Heavenly Father loves me. I miss my daddy so much, and really can't wait to see him when I go home for Christmas! Today's tender mercy, Heavenly Father thank you for my Daddy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 16

So today's tender mercy is PRODUCTIVITY! I have one of the most productive days since I've arrived at BYU. I was able to get a huge chunk of my homework done, and I know have clean laundry so I can go back to jeans instead of using my limited supply of dress slacks! I realized just how lucky I am that I can sit down and focus! Did I get everything I could have/should have done? No, but I made progress! So today, Heavenly Father thanks for the ability to focus and be productive!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 15

Today's tender mercy is for good friends like Dana!
Dana is the sweetest FHE sister ever! She is so easy to talk to and I love our walks! She is a convert but I swear you can't tell if you listen to her testimony, she knows it! She's such a great example to me! The small thing that triggered this post was Dana helps me grocery shop often! She'll walk with me to the creamery watch me pick out random stuff and help me carry everything home. What a sweet girl! Heavenly Father thank you for Dana!

Jump On It!

What a fun date!!! Gariet planned an amazing date to Jump On It! We started the night by making some really yummy pizza's (I'll have to steal some pictures off facebook to show you just how beast the pizza Gariet made is). After pizza's we went to Jump On It! Which is in Lindon I think... close to Pleasant Grove. It was a lot of fun, although Eric and Gariet scared me multiple times with their tricks. Then we went to the Creamery for ice cream, way fun and way yummy! It was such a fun date, and I had a great time!

Missionary Week Recap

So here's how I did on the goals
  1. No facebook.... I did pretty good, no status updates, but I did have to get on long enough to pull off some pictures
  2. No youtube... I passed that goal with flying colors
  3. No naps.... I took significantly fewer naps, I only took 2 all week.
  4. I didn't watch any movies and I avoided Psych and Glee, but I did watch some random little things with Courtney
  5. The dress was pretty good... I ran out of skirts Friday, but every other day I wore Missionary Clothing
  6. Limited Access to Boys... that went fairly well, I wasn't at Felt everyday visiting boys in the ward, but I didn't do a boyfriend fast at all.
  7. I participated in as much as I could fit into my schedule.... but I realized like most missionaries do that there is only so much you can do in one day
  8. Fasting.... didn't do... I did pray for people back home, but Thursday morning rolled around and I was going about my normal schedule including breakfast when I realized... CRAP I'm not supposed to eat, I'm fasting.
  9. I only went to the Creamery for groceries on Monday... it was difficult, but I made it!

Missionary week was a good experience! I felt more intune with the Spirit and more importantly I felt a connection with my friends and brother who are out on missions. I got a small glimpse of what they sacrifice! It was a valuable experience for me!

Tender Mercies Day 13 and 14

Day 13:
Saturday! I love Saturday's! Today's tender mercy will seem really silly.... today I'm thankful for juice! I came home from the game and opened the fridge to see a brand new jug of juice with my name written all over it, Davi had bought me a brand new jug of juice! Seriously a simple thing that made me extraordinarily happy. My roommates basically told me that my reaction was priceless. It was really sweet and made me happy!

Day 14:
Sunday! Fast and Testimony Meeting! Today's tender mercy is just for peaceful moments.... Sunday's frequently feel like the most hectic day of the week, and this Sunday would fit in that category. All though it felt frantic I loved the peaceful moments of the day.... sitting in a CES fireside, holding hands, talking with Court, and socializing with Bowen 24. Just the small moments where I wasn't running around like a mad woman. Another cute little tender mercy was that on my way to the CES Fireside I was running late so the bishop gave me a ride. It was sweet and helpful... and a small tender mercy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday President Uchtdorf

Today is President Uchtdorf's birthday and as a special little surprise Latter-day Saints around the globe are posting their testimonies on their blogs and on facebook!
I personally have a hard time relating my feelings on spiritual things, but I'm going to try my best. I know that I have a Heavenly Father. I know that he is watching over me and knows me on such a personal and individual level. It used to be hard for me to comprehend how God could know everyone personally but I know that he is so powerful that he knows each of our personal circumstances. I know that Heavenly Father loved us so much that he sent a Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. I know that I would be cut-off from God's presence if it wasn't for the infinite and eternal atoning sacrifice of Christ. I know that when I live my life accordingly I can have the Holy Ghost with me. I know that God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 seperate and distinct personages, although they have a common purpose. (to bring to pass the eternal life and salvation of man)
I know that the Lord loves enough to give us a living prophet today. I know that prophet is Thomas S. Monson, and I know he leads and guides the Lord's true church by inspiration and revelation. I know that the Lord entitles us all to revelation. I know that when I have questions I can sincerly ask him in prayer, and he will help me to know what I ought to do. I know that without a shadow of a doubt. I was sure I was going to Utah State, it made sense financial and I really liked the campus, but when I prayed about I received the impression to go to BYU. I listened and I know now that it was the right thing for me to do, I have been meeting people that I needed to meet in my life who are helping me to be a better person.
I know that God is a God of miracles, and I love looking for the daily miracles he places in my path!
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church and that it is led by Christ. I know that we are few in numbers and that there are many misconceived notions about the LDS people, but I also know that if you truly read the Book of Mormon with an open heart and ask of God, you will know that it is true, and because the Book of Mormon is true Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, then God must still be talking to his people, and we are the only church who believes in a living prophet. I know that God speaks to man today because he is still powerful, we still need him, and he still loves us!
I'm grateful for my knowledge and for my faith. I know that I can truly be with my family forever because of celestial marriages and the atonement. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Tender Mercy Day 12

So today's post was written yesterday but I never got around to posting it, considering I scribbled it down on a napkin in the kitchen at about 2:30am when I finally got in. Yesterday was hectic! I went to my classes, worked with my English group on our paper, tried to tackle the mountain of homework I've been putting off, went to Aurora's for a small visit, went to dinner and shopping at Macey's with Gariet and his parents, played a bunch of night games!

Yesterday's scribbled tender mercy read like this,
"Today I'm grateful just to be me! Not that I'm perfect or even close, but as I played night games with random people from my ward tonight I realized that I have a pretty fun life! Where else can you party and laugh as much as we do, and still be able to wake up the next morning and remember exactly what happened. I love my BYU bubble! I love that I feel so safe and don't have to worry about drunk roommates or people doing inapporopriate things in bedrooms. I love the Honor Code, I love that we all obey it! I love that my roommates love me for me! I love that no one is trying to change me! All of high school I was running around and trying to grow up faster than I needed to, but now I'm content! Content to be me, content to be in this stage of life, content to have things stay the same, content to go with the flow!"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tender Mercies Day 11

Today I'm grateful for..... Kara! She's so sweet and fun! I have really gotten to spend a lot of time with her the past few days and I absolutely adore her. She even came to rescue me today as my Writing Group was working on our group research project! I love Kara, and she fills my life with tender mercies.... So Heavenly Father... thank you for Kara as a roommate

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tender Mercies Day 10

It's hard for me to find the hand of the Lord on days that are as hectic as this. Today has seriously felt like a non-ending race that started at 8:20... run to English, run home, run to Living Prophets, run to the Freshman Mentoring Office, run home, run to Music and Civilizations, run to Aurora's, run to the book store, run back to Aurora's, run home, run back to Aurora's, run to devotional, sit in devotional and write a blog because we are an hour early, potentially run to the Relief Society Activity, run to the library, run home, and then go to sleep.
But, it's days like this that I understand that I honestly need to look a little harder for something to be grateful for and to actually look for the Lord's hand in my life. It's a no brainer that my mind would turn to missionaries as I prepared to attend the pre-missionary fireside. I'm grateful for missionaries... if it had not been for missionaries my grandmother would not have joined the church, wouldn't have married my grandpa, and wouldn't have raised my mom who in turn raised me. I also know how much a mission actually helps the missionary. It has been such a blessing to watch my brother Tyler as he serves the people in Ogden, Utah. He has truly grown up so much, and has become a better person. So today's tender mercy.... Heavenly Father thank you for missionaries!

Winter Semester 2011

yep, I'm taking World Dance

Here's my Schedule for Winter 2011
9:00-9:50 Geography and World Affairs
10:00-10:50 Biology 100
12:00-12:50 Book of Mormon Part 2 (not on Friday)
Monday Evening Class
5:00-6:40 Missionary Prep (with Bott!)

Wednesday Evening Class
4:00-6:30 Intro to Music

9:00-9:50 World Dance (I know I swore I would never take a dance class, but my roommates talked me into it)

Tuesday/Thursday Evening Class
4:00-5:30 University Chorale

Thursday Lab
12:00-1:50 Bio 101 Lab for Elementary Ed Students

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mothers Who Know! Tender Mercies Day 9

This week I've been thinking a lot about mothers and motherhood. Especially after our Relief Society Lesson, I've been wanting to read Sister Beck's talk "Mother's Who Know!" So I did... so here's my tribute to Mom's!

"Mothers Who Know Bear Children."
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that amazing woman right there, my mommy! I love her sooo much!
"Mothers Who Know Honor Sacred Ordinances and Covenants."
I love that my mom and dad were married in the temple, they are such a great example to me and I totally want to be like them!
"Mothers Who Know Are Nurturers."
Sister Beck said that Nurturer is synonymous with Home-maker! If there is a word that describes my mom it is a home-maker, if I can be half as good as her I'll be a great mom.
"Mothers Who Know Are Leaders"
Mothers are to be examples of good leaders to their children, and I hope I can do that.
"Mother Who Know are Teachers"
I can attest that I never learned anything at church that I had not already learned in the home from my mommy!
"Mothers Who Know Do Less"
Basically, mothers have their priorities straight and don't have to do everything to feel accomplished.
"Mothers Who Know Stand Strong and Immovable"
My mom is such a righteous woman and is such a great example of a woman who stands strong and immovable!
Here's some pictures of the women I want to emmulate when I become a mom:

Of course my own mommy, she's great!
These are my beautiful cousins Linds, Jami, my aunt Brenda, Kim, and Mel... they are such great moms and are such great examples to me!

and my other sweet cousin back home in VA, Mychael-Ann!

so I had other pictures of my role models picked out, but blogger has a limit of pics which sucks.... but I'll at least name them

  • my grandmother
  • Hillory Dahle
  • My other cousins: Cori, Dana, Dixie, and Taryn
  • April Burton
  • Amanda Davis

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 8

My tender mercy today... I guess Heavenly Father knew that I just couldn't handle it all today. I was seriously about to cry as I tried to figure out how I was going to get everything done this week and my computer wasn't working and I had a pile of dishes to do from the weekend since I am assigned to Monday dishes. Although the dishes weren't magically washed and put away and although all of my assignments didn't disappear, he did fix one thing for me... my laptop.

Missionary Week

I was called to serve as a Heritage Halls Prospective Missionary in the Spain Madrid mission! For those of you who don't get it... it's not for real, I'm not actually going on a mission, and I'm not actually going to Spain. But the purpose of this one week experience is to further my understanding of what missionaries do, and to let me see if I'd be interested in serving a mission when I turn 21.
So here are my goals for Missionary Week 2010
  1. No facebook! I caved this morning, but no more from now until Friday at 5pm
  2. No youtube unless it's Mormon Messages and Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  3. No naps! Missionaries don't take naps, so for one week I don't get to take naps.
  4. Limited use of media, that means one week of no Glee and no Psych and no movies unless it's like God's Army or The Other Side of Heaven
  5. Missionary Dress.... that's right skirts or dresses with tights and flats every day.
  6. Limited Access to Boys, I will not live in Felt this week, even when I'm bored I'm not gonna run over to the FHE Brothers to visit, and yep no promises on a boyfriend fast.... basically I'll be more focused on school and missionary work and scripture study then I will be on boys... ALL BOYS! (but I'll still see them and say hi and be happy and friendly and still hang out if they invite me)
  7. I will participate! That's right... I'm going to Devotional, the Fireside, the Relief Society Activity, the temple, Zone Meeting.... whatever I can fit in my schedule I'm going to do!
  8. I'm going to fast on Thursday for someone, not chosen yet, back home who I would like to give a Book of Mormon to with my testimony in it.
  9. I will only go shopping once.... Monday is my P-Day (preperation day) so what laundry and grocery shopping I don't get done today will not get done until next Monday.

I'm hoping that this will be a great experience and I'm really excited!