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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Have you ever felt like you're just wandering? Never sure where to go, who to be with, or what to do? I think we all go through times in our life when we are just not quite sure of ourselves. I feel like I've been wandering for a bit too long though. I'm wandering from friendship to friendship never really feeling like I belong. I'm wandering from date to date and never really feeling a spark. I'm wandering from class to class and never really absorbing the material. Sometimes wandering sucks.
I don't truly now how to write it or let alone say it out loud but there is a certain degree of loneliness that accompanies wandering. I've heard people say over and over again "People leave" and "Life goes on". I know it's a part of life but who honestly wants to let people leave and then pick up the pieces and keep going. It's hard to pick up the pieces. I feel like right now in a lot of ways I'm having to let people leave and I'm not a fan of the pieces they're leaving behind. I'm trying to remember that sometimes alone is good. But yeah I'm a little sick and tired of wandering.

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