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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Say It

I don't think I say it nearly enough! The 3 words and the 2 words that respectively may mean the most in the English language.... Have you figured out what they are yet? Think about it.... K enough of me trying to be cool in case you didn't figure them out the 3 words are "I Love You" and the 2 words are "Thank You"... The semester is wrapping up and I have taken the time to write some letters, but I honestly think it would be foolish and dumb of me not to publicly thank some of the individuals who have been so important in my freshman experience. I'm sorry for those that I don't include... it is the middle of the night and I'm trying to be brief (plus let's be real few if any of you read this anyways) Spencer- so Spence has been gone on his mission since January, he was my FHE dad last semester. I can't even begin to describe how much I adored Spencer. I'm pretty sure everyone knew he was my favorite (although I totally don't pick favorites). I don't know there was something about him that sorta reminded me of my best friend back home, Casey Waite. And I don't know if it was that or just Heavenly Father knowing I needed someone like him but there were a lot of times where I needed to hear exactly what Spencer had to say to me. He gave the best advice and I honestly could not have made it through my first semester without him. Taylor- Taylor cares. I think that is what I love most about Taylor. Although he may have a tough exterior sometimes he genuinely cares about people. I would trust Taylor with my life with everything. He is such an amazing individual and I adore him. He is so sweet and I don't know I feel like he just gets me I rarely have to tell Taylor what I'm thinking, what I need or anything he just kinda knows. Austin- he's the brains. He is so logical and so wonderful in that way. I love having conversations with him, his insight is amazing. He's kinda what sparked this blog post. He was seriously in my kitchen tonight with Dana for almost 4 hours. As he was talking about preparing for his mission I was in utter awe of him. He is going to be amazing, and I am so bummed that I won't be around for both his and Taylor's farewell. I realized tonight that I don't tell him Thank You enough for putting up with me and for just being the all around stellar guy he is. McKinley- first of all if you don't love McKinley you are crazy. This guy is solid. He is absolutely amazing. I am always amazed at not only how caring and sweet he is but the breadth of his knowledge. I love his "on my mission stories" and I have learned so many things from him. I couldn't see my freshman year without him. Dano and McKay- Ok these two characters joined the FHE group Winter Semester. They had some pretty big shoes to fill when Spencer and Josh left. Honestly they are nothing like Spencer and Josh and for that I am way grateful. They are both so unique and honestly Dano keeps me on my toes and McKay keeps me laughing. They are both such a great addition to our disfunctional family Josh- well although I'm a little sad I haven't gotten nearly as many letters from Josh I still think he's great. I really miss him. He was over all the time towards the end of last semester. He was such a good friend and so patient. He was a listener and is wonderful in every way. Kevin- ok so maybe Kevin takes Spencer's place as the favorite. It's debatable all 10 of my FHE brothers have been amazing. Kevin is amazing! He is so sweet and thoughtful. He is also a lot of fun! He's one of those guys where you just can't not like him. Yep he's just that wonderful you are forced to like him Gabe and Bessie- they are honestly the two FHE brothers I got to know the least which is really unfortunate. They both seem to be amazing gentleman and they are both way cool, but I just never got one-on-one time with them like I did with the others. It was way unfortunate and I feel like I really missed out. The reason why I spent an entire blog entry on my FHE brothers is because they are such stellar individuals. I adore them and I can't say it enough THANK YOU! I really can't explain how much I needed them each individually. They have done more than they will ever know to help me and I can't picture my BYU experience without them. So let me say the 3 and 2 words respectively that I never say enough. I LOVE YOU guys and you really do feel like my big brothers and THANK YOU for everything you do.

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