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Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Neglect

Well I got entirely overwhelmed and distracted the past 3 months and have basically ignored my blog.... oops. So I guess I'll just give you a quick update and try to do better for the rest of the semester although I make no promises.

Roomies: I still absolutely adore those 4 girls. We get along so well and we have a ton of fun whenever we're together. Each day they're feeling more and more like my sisters and less and less like my friends. I really have no clue what in the world I'm going to do without them this summer. Roadtrip to San Antonio, Chicago, Sparks, or San Francisco? maybe we'll see!

Boys: they exist? kidding kidding. To quote myself, "I will fight over boys because they are beautiful and wonderful and I like them, but I will not fight over dishes." Honestly there aren't any boys I'm fighting over right now though. I'm content to have lots of guy friends, but pre-mission boys are no offense but a waste of time. A serious relationship with a month left in the semester with boys who are leaving to foreign lands just doesn't really make sense. I'm totally up for dates though! The Gariet thing... well we broke up like we planned at the end of last semester, we're working on a friendship and I'm happily coexisting in the same ward as him to steal my sister's word. That makes it sound so bad... :P It really isn't. He's a good guy and is still super nice. His new girlfriend Rachel is pretty awesome too.

Thursday Night Dinners: This semester I started a new tradition of having Felt 32 and other random guests over for dinner on Thursday night. I really really enjoy making dinner for a lot of people, so this is PERFECT. I'm trying out some new recipies on them and perfecting some old ones. It's actually really cool I've learned that I can live on $40 a week and still feed like an extra 8 people on one day. So FUN!

I'd love to say all my classes are easy and great.... but that would be a lie! I am doing a lot better than I was doing last semester. There are still some grades that I need to bump up, but hey I'm hoovering around the B mark in all of my classes which is super great! We'll see if I can pull back up my GPA! :) I am actually really loving a few of my classes. My sister didn't lie when she said Brother Bott is the best Mission Prep teacher ever, and I find my Geography class very interesting.... which rarely happens. As I was looking at what I have left I realized that I have the best classes left before I enter my major. I get to take Human Development and Children's Literature next semester. Which is SOOOO great! I really am loving the school part of college, which I know is weird to hear!

I had three very very special visitors this semester. The first was at the very beginning of the semester... MY DADDY! He came out to take care of Tyler after his surgery for a few weeks! I loved having him here. It was so great getting to see them all the time. I love my brother but mostly I just love my Daddy. Speaking of Ty, he went back to the mission field in February and is doing super great! We got to go out to dinner with my cute aunt and uncle and Ty right before he went back. It was great seeing him but yep time for him to go back on a mission. My other two visitors were my cute cousin Brittany and my cute Grandma Dudley! They came out for a wedding that Brittany was in. Mallory and I went up to Draper on Saturday to see them and spend the night. It was so fun getting to just chat with my Draper cousins and then go to Music and the Spoken Word and bum around Salt Lake on Sunday. On Monday I even took them all to the Brigham Young University Museum of Art Carl Bloch Exhibit. My Grandma absolutely loved it and I've heard that's all she's talked about since. I'm also looking forward to seeing my cousin Ai-ai (Alyson Holloway) when she comes to visit.... which by the way she's officially a COUGAR! yay for a really great party next fall with her around!!!!

HOLY MISSION CALLS! Seriously, there are like 4 a week, and it's CRAZY! I will probably do another blog post just about mission calls/missionaries/and pictures!

Things are pretty great here in Provo.... I'll try better to blog about events that my poor blog has missed out on this semester, and to keep this whole blog thing going.... but NO promises

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