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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 31 and 32

Day 31:
Wednesday- sleeping in.... something I rarely get to do.... I slept until nearly 12:15 it was great! I wish that's how my life was all the time!

Day 32:
Thursday- Thanksgiving..... so here's a list of tender mercies and thankfullness
  • my sister- it's her 25th birthday and she is AMAZING! she takes such great care of me
  • good friends- I woke up to a telephone call from one of my favorite people on the entire earth, Brach Burton! although it was just to talk about the Turkey Bowl it made my day, and good friends in general I've truly got the best set of friends here in Utah and at home in Virginia
  • family- I got to talk on the phone with a lot of my family today.... I sure do love them and miss them a lot! They are amazing
  • my roommates- I couldn't have asked for 4 better people to live with
  • not being effected by the Heritage Halls flood- thank goodness I live one story up from all the damage, that would be a sucky way to come home from Thanksgiving
  • a wonderful boyfriend- he truly is such a great guy.... and no I have not complained or been obnoxious because he's away for just under a week (in case you were wondering)
  • for the beautiful country i live in- where else is it so different from coast to coast and a place of freedom where i can pursue happiness and prosperity
  • the gospel- the peace and happiness it brings to my life

there's a million more things that I am grateful for, but that seems like a good last post for my "Tender Mercies" Blog Month

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