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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 22-28

This week I identified tender mercies, but never got a chance to actually post them, so here we go a weeks worth of tender mercies.....

Day 22:

Monday- Today I was thankful for trying new things, yes this is intentionally vague. New things can at first be scary or uncomfortable, but it expands you... your comfort zone, your knowledge.... somehow new things are helpful. So today I'm grateful for trying new things.

Day 23:

Tuesday- Cleanliness! We have a cleaning check on Thursday, and I finally "caved" and cleaned my room. It's amazing how a clean room can help. I can actually get work done in my room and focus! It's great. Cleanliness=Productivity

Day 24:

Wednesday- My long day of classes. Me and Court went and visited Josh W. which was great! I honestly love being able to run over to 32 Felt and hang out! Those guys are great! So today's tender mercy thank heaven for Felt 32.

Day 25:

Thursday- Harry Potter!!! It would be really dumb to say today's tender mercy is Harry Potter, but it was still fun! The tender mercy today is truly just getting to spend quality time with my sister. It might seem like a dumb birthday present to give, but I love being with my sister and so Harry Potter tickets are a great gift especially when it means getting a whole weekend with her.

Day 26:

Friday- Third Graders! Today I spent the day in 3rd grade with my sister. I love hands-on experience. Today's tender mercy is knowing what I want to do. I'm glad that unlike most college kids who change their major a million times that I know that I want to teach in an elementary school. It's going to save a lot of time and tears, and I love having a direction instead of feeling like I'm blowing in the wind from one major to the next

Day 27:

Saturday- Simplicity! Today I got to go on one of the best dates ever! We went and watched Despicable Me at the dollar theater. I loved it! It was cute and fun! I have finally learned that I don't need a dozen roses, I don't need to be taken to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I love simplicity. I am happy just to be on a date regardless of how simple. It was also so much fun after the date just to play the "What if?" game! I love simple dates with Gariet! I love having fun and I don't need a lot to have fun.

Day 28:

Sunday- Watching snow fall! Tonight me and Gariet walked up to the Bell Tower to watch the snow fall. It was so cool.... I could see the snow falling down on campus, hear the kids tunnel singing, and even got to "ice skate" on the old layer of snow that had gotten slightly icy. I loved it! The snow is so pretty. Heavenly Father thank you for snow and for winter time!

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