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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tender Mercy Day 12

So today's post was written yesterday but I never got around to posting it, considering I scribbled it down on a napkin in the kitchen at about 2:30am when I finally got in. Yesterday was hectic! I went to my classes, worked with my English group on our paper, tried to tackle the mountain of homework I've been putting off, went to Aurora's for a small visit, went to dinner and shopping at Macey's with Gariet and his parents, played a bunch of night games!

Yesterday's scribbled tender mercy read like this,
"Today I'm grateful just to be me! Not that I'm perfect or even close, but as I played night games with random people from my ward tonight I realized that I have a pretty fun life! Where else can you party and laugh as much as we do, and still be able to wake up the next morning and remember exactly what happened. I love my BYU bubble! I love that I feel so safe and don't have to worry about drunk roommates or people doing inapporopriate things in bedrooms. I love the Honor Code, I love that we all obey it! I love that my roommates love me for me! I love that no one is trying to change me! All of high school I was running around and trying to grow up faster than I needed to, but now I'm content! Content to be me, content to be in this stage of life, content to have things stay the same, content to go with the flow!"

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