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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tender Mercies Day 10

It's hard for me to find the hand of the Lord on days that are as hectic as this. Today has seriously felt like a non-ending race that started at 8:20... run to English, run home, run to Living Prophets, run to the Freshman Mentoring Office, run home, run to Music and Civilizations, run to Aurora's, run to the book store, run back to Aurora's, run home, run back to Aurora's, run to devotional, sit in devotional and write a blog because we are an hour early, potentially run to the Relief Society Activity, run to the library, run home, and then go to sleep.
But, it's days like this that I understand that I honestly need to look a little harder for something to be grateful for and to actually look for the Lord's hand in my life. It's a no brainer that my mind would turn to missionaries as I prepared to attend the pre-missionary fireside. I'm grateful for missionaries... if it had not been for missionaries my grandmother would not have joined the church, wouldn't have married my grandpa, and wouldn't have raised my mom who in turn raised me. I also know how much a mission actually helps the missionary. It has been such a blessing to watch my brother Tyler as he serves the people in Ogden, Utah. He has truly grown up so much, and has become a better person. So today's tender mercy.... Heavenly Father thank you for missionaries!

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