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Monday, November 8, 2010

Missionary Week Recap

So here's how I did on the goals
  1. No facebook.... I did pretty good, no status updates, but I did have to get on long enough to pull off some pictures
  2. No youtube... I passed that goal with flying colors
  3. No naps.... I took significantly fewer naps, I only took 2 all week.
  4. I didn't watch any movies and I avoided Psych and Glee, but I did watch some random little things with Courtney
  5. The dress was pretty good... I ran out of skirts Friday, but every other day I wore Missionary Clothing
  6. Limited Access to Boys... that went fairly well, I wasn't at Felt everyday visiting boys in the ward, but I didn't do a boyfriend fast at all.
  7. I participated in as much as I could fit into my schedule.... but I realized like most missionaries do that there is only so much you can do in one day
  8. Fasting.... didn't do... I did pray for people back home, but Thursday morning rolled around and I was going about my normal schedule including breakfast when I realized... CRAP I'm not supposed to eat, I'm fasting.
  9. I only went to the Creamery for groceries on Monday... it was difficult, but I made it!

Missionary week was a good experience! I felt more intune with the Spirit and more importantly I felt a connection with my friends and brother who are out on missions. I got a small glimpse of what they sacrifice! It was a valuable experience for me!

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