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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Introducing the "Grown-up Christmas List Month"

So the tender mercy month is over, but I have to come up with something to do for the month of December before Christmas, or I would completely forget to blog which has become my journal.... so this month I'm going to be bloggind about my "Grown-up Christmas List".

I got this idea from a Sunday School lesson where we made a "Christmas List for Life" and the things we wanted when all was said and done.... so here's what my list looked like
  • happiness regardless of where life takes me
  • a degree (Mrs. and at least Bachelor's degree)
  • a "forever family"
  • ect.

So here's how this month will go.... every day I will add something to my grown-up Christmas List.... things that are important to me.... bigger than I would like a scarf, a necklace, a car, and other material things.... and I'll explain why I want them in my life, and how I plan on achieving it. Slightly corny but hey it's about as Christmas-ey as I can get the day after Christmas!

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