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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tender Mercies Day 5-7

Oops... so I didn't blog them but I saw them, so here's my catch up blog post.

Friday: Heavenly Father thank you for hugs. I love hugs! and my Heavenly Father is so aware of me and knows exactly when I need a hug. I walked in Friday night not so happy at about 2 am... by not so happy I mean crying. And my roommate Davi just comes in my room and gives me the world's biggest hug. I needed to be comforted and Heavenly Father knew I didn't have my mommy to run to, but instead he sent the next best thing, a roommate who cares and is aware of my needs.

Saturday: Heavenly Father thank you for Courtney. Courtney went to stay at her grandparents house on Friday night, and when she came home you would have thought she had been gone for an entire year by the way I reacted. She is one of my closest friends here in Utah, and I feel like I can trust her with everything. We stayed up sooo late just talking about everything last night too! So Heavenly Father thank you for Courtney.

Sunday: thank you for church! I loved today's church. I felt the Spirit, and I heard things that I needed to hear. I honestly feel that now since I'm taking notes at church I get more out of it, and I feel the spirit stronger. Today was great, we talked about motherhood and it was just so sweet and made me miss my mom and want to be a great mom when I grow up. I love church and it makes me a better person, so Heavenly Father thank you for church and especially for my ward!

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