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Monday, October 25, 2010

Tender Mercies Day 1

So I stink at blogging, but after Sunday's amazing church, I decided to challenge myself to blog once a day, a short blog. Just to record the tender mercies of the Lord that are present in my life. I'm hoping that it will teach me to better recognize it, and it will give you a small glimpse into my daily life at BYU.

So Sunday's tender mercy:
Sunday I got set apart by Brother Graves. The setting apart in and of itself was really sweet, but it was what he said afterwards that really made me go, "Oh my gosh, you are the sweetest man ever." As I was walking out he said, "You have the most beautiful smile, keep smiling." It may not seem like much, and may be a slightly lame tender mercy, but I think it was fitting for Sunday. I am grateful that Heavenly Father has placed me in such a great ward to start my freshman year, with such a great bishopric. I really feel like I needed those 3 men in my life right now. I've learned so much, and most importantly being away from home, I feel like I can turn to them whenever I need help.

Monday's Tender Mercy: Roommates!
I love my Roommates! And I think I have taken that fact forgranted. There are plenty of people who are as sweet as can be but still don't get along with their roommates. I really noticed it today that one of God's tender mercies to me this year was providing me with such awesome roommates! Here's just a little reason why I love each of them...
Rachel-- Our roommate and RA! I don't know what else to say other than, she is the spiritual giant I needed in my life. She makes me want to be a better person. She is so kind, and so righteous, and is so fun! I love when she teaches Sunday School, I know she loves the gospel and I know she loves the Savior, and she makes me want to grow and to love as much as she does!
Davi-- she is so spunky! She seems to always be genuinely happy! You cannot feel sad around Davi, she truly is like a ray of sunshine on my cloudy days. She gives the best hugs, and her smiles light up the room. I also love that we love to share... I love to hear, "Do you think that I should try some of that?" when I'm cooking in the kitchen, it makes me laugh and I just love her!
Kara-- she is so funny! She is so witty and makes me laugh all the time. Although she can be a goof ball she is also so sweet and considerate. I love getting notes from Kara. She seems to know exactly what I need to hear, and always comes up with a cute way to remind me she cares when I'm feeling down! She gives great advice and she's so sweet!
Courtney-- my room roommate, who feels like a sister. I can tell her absolutely everything and know that not only will she not judge me, but she'll actually listen and give me advice. She is so easy-going and I cannot get mad at her regardless of how hard I try. She gives great advice and is always there for me!

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