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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall 2010 Part 1 Highlights

So the first half of the first semester of my freshman year at BYU has officially ENDED! I have lived through scary midterms, and came out alive, but with a very sad blog to show for it. So, although it would be fun to give the details on everything I'll just give the highlights

Roommates and FHE Family:
I lucked out in both categories this semester. I seriously have the 4 best roommates: Courtney, Kara, Davi, and Rachel! We get along so well, but we are totally not cookie-cutters of each other! I love being with them, they are so much fun, and they make me want to be a better person! We have the 7 most amazing FHE brothers, and 5 wonderful FHE sisters. Our FHE family is the bomb! We have fun together, and I know I can run to any of my FHE siblings for advice, and to my FHE brothers for blessings!

Well my very first "date" of the semester was going to watch P.S. I Love You at the Bean Science Museum with this guy named Gariet from my ward. One thing lead to another and Gariet became my boyfriend. He is great! Sweet, funny, and a gentleman! Totally a great guy! He makes me laugh, and yep he's great! We've been on a couple really fun dates and outings since we started dating. We've gone star gazing which is fun, although I'd rather make up my own constellations then try to figure out the real ones. He also taught me this crazy game... Commando.... sounds bad but isn't. Seriously so much fun, it's the most intense game of tag, hide-and-go-seek, and man-hunt smashed together. I love it! I also got to meet some of his family, they are soo sweet and so fun. My favorite date though was going to the Cornbelly's Maze at Thanksgiving Pointe! It was the best group date I've ever been on. There was soo much to do and see, and we seriously went with the best group. I even faced my fear of haunted corn mazes.

I took 13 credit hours this semester, not a lot, but still a full time student. I'm doing well in the majority of my classes, but I'm going to be spending some more time in the library to solidify my grades! The best part about BYU is that they offer religion classes. I love that I can go and be spiritually strengthened in a class setting Monday through Thursday! Book of Mormon is great but I really love my Living Prophets class with Sister Woodger, she's one of the most amazing professors here in my opinion.

the Cougs were a little disappointing so far, by a little I mean a lot. Due to random going-on's I've had to miss a few of the home games, but the few that I've been to were fun none-the-less. We won our first home game, although I only stayed for half. The best was going for homecoming. I went with a group from our ward and we did facepainting and it was just a blast! We even ended up winning! The best part of football season so far though was driving to Denver for the Air force game and getting to see my cute cousin Cori's family!

Miss Birdy:
Already this semester I got to go see my sister and her classroom at Heber Valley Elementary school. Her students called me, Miss Chelsea, not Miss Birdy. It was seriously one of the best days! Her 3rd graders were sooo excited to see me, and I really got some hands-on experience which makes me so excited to get my own classroom. The Miss Birdy part comes from Carter! The Ailshie's are some of Mallory's closest friends in Heber, and when I go to visit her I usually get to see them too. I love the Ailshie's too and they are definitely a highlight of any Heber trip!

Visitors and Draper:
The first half of the semester was full of visits to Draper and visitors to Provo. My first visit to Draper was the weekend before Conference. I had stayed in Provo with Mallory and we decided that it was about time I went to go see my cute Aunt Brenda and Uncle Lewis. It was really fun, and we even got to go shopping with Mel for craft supplies for Ash's b-day party and I love going off campus to shop so I couldn't resist a black cartridge and 2 headbands. The second visit to Draper was the following weekend for Ash's b-day party! It was so fun, I honestly felt like I was in young women's again with all those 12 year old girls. They were so sweet and fun! Then there were visitors to Provo! I got to have Alyson stay in my dorm room 2 weekends in a row. I think I got her super excited for college, and I really just loved having her around. While her family was here they took me to Temple Square for the first time which was soo amazing, and we went to Draper again where I got to see all the cool stuff Mel is selling... let's just say I know what I want for Christmas. I had one other visitor to Provo, even if it was just for an afternoon. Halle came to look at schools and although I only got to see her for about an hour, I totally loved every minute of it!

Basically I'm happy and healthy in Provo. Loving college and loving life!

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