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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cornbelly's and Group Dates

I pretty much planned the best group date ever with the help of my roommate Courtney! We decided to take 5 couples to the Cornbelly's Cornmaze at Thanksgiving Pointe! I went with my boyfriend Gariet, my cousin Alyson went with her boyfriend Seth, I set my roommate Kara up on a blind date with my cousin Bryant (I'm the best blind date "setter-upper" ever), Courtney went with her friend Michael, and we invited our friend Shelley from upstairs and she went with Erick from our ward! It was soooo much fun! There was a non-haunted and a haunted cornmaze, duck races, bounce houses, awesome jack-o-lanterns, a bumpy hayride, and fun straw slides. My favorite part, surprisingly, was the haunted corn maze. It was slightly creepy, and the room that spun was awesome! Some of the stuff was so real and yep probably the scariest thing I've been to. I loved every minute of the date! It was actually worth the money we spent (it was slightly pricey for college kids). The night ended with a stop at In and Out for some milkshakes and talking in the basement lobby until it was time for the boys to go home!

Here's some pictures of our awesome Date:
michael, erick, shelley, and courtney
me and gariet.... both pictures we took one of us made a silly face
some of the group in the giant rocking chair

the "blind daters" I did such a good job

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