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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Total Transformation

My brother before his mission was no offense to him but a complete and total hot head. If something happened to make him sad or mad there would be holes in a wall and lots of angry outbursts. I was never truly afraid when he got mad because he never touched me but I'm sure the wall and the punching bag thought differently.
Last night we had to call Tyler to tell him that one of his dear friends had passed away that morning, I was expecting the worst. Hole through a wall, knocked down door, companion with a black eye something. However the responce we got was just the opposite. It was quiet on his end of the phone as it sank in and then the next questions out of his mouth were: 'How'd it happen?'; 'How's his family?'; 'How's his friends?'; 'What's the ward doing about it?'; 'Can I write his family a letter?'....
I basically sat in shock at the total transformation of my brother. He's less focused on him and how things effect him and more focused on others and their well-being

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