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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Student Orientation

I moved in on August 25th... and just like my parents thought I redecorated a millions time before Sunday when my roommate came, so here's a quick tour of my room...
My missionary wall made it along with my rebel USU sticker!!! (PS THE CLOSETS ARE TINY)

Here's My Half of the Desk... it's kinda tiny

Here's my bed it used to be made... but ummm bad college kid habit

Here's my unmade bed again and part 1 of my picture wall

Look at that crazy stack of books... nearly made me cry... and of course I had to bring Bailey Bear, Harley the Tri-M Music Mascot, and my cute froggie and duck just in case you know...

That's the rest of my picture wall basically and yeah it's totally awesome
The past couple of days were sent at New Student Orientation it was pretty awesome and I met some pretty awesome people who I hope will totally be my BFF's....

But so far I totally love my roomies and all is well!

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