from Monticello High School Mustang to Brigham Young University Cougar
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can." ~John Wesley~

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Student Orientation

I moved in on August 25th... and just like my parents thought I redecorated a millions time before Sunday when my roommate came, so here's a quick tour of my room...
My missionary wall made it along with my rebel USU sticker!!! (PS THE CLOSETS ARE TINY)

Here's My Half of the Desk... it's kinda tiny

Here's my bed it used to be made... but ummm bad college kid habit

Here's my unmade bed again and part 1 of my picture wall

Look at that crazy stack of books... nearly made me cry... and of course I had to bring Bailey Bear, Harley the Tri-M Music Mascot, and my cute froggie and duck just in case you know...

That's the rest of my picture wall basically and yeah it's totally awesome
The past couple of days were sent at New Student Orientation it was pretty awesome and I met some pretty awesome people who I hope will totally be my BFF's....

But so far I totally love my roomies and all is well!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Goodbyes and Getting There

I honestly can't believe I'm writing a blog post from somewhere in Kansas as we cruise at a little over 70 mph towards my cousin Cori's house.... isn't wireless and my sisters little 3G card awesome?
It still hasn't sunk in that we're dropping me off at college this time... this just feels like yet another long road trip to Utah. The only difference is this time I'm the one with 4 bags instead of 1/2 of a bag. The last week and a half has been spent running myself ragged trying to pack and see everyone. I was fairly successful but I know there are already some things I forgot and people that I just didn't get the chance to see. Some of the goodbyes were harder than others, but I keep reminding myself that these are truly only "see ya later"s.
The trip out here has been, like always, LONG... and we're still in Kansas (thank goodness for a weekend break at cousin Cori's I'd seriously freak if I had to sit in this car much longer.... here are the highlights of the trip (I tried to pick one thing out from each state)
  • West Virginia... we ate breakfast and couldn't figure out why the cemetery across the street from the Hardy's didn't have names on them until we realized that hey it's a gravestone shop
  • Kentucky... my dad became a geocaching nerd (with help from Mal) and I slept
  • Indiana... Mallory and Dad stepped on a nasty mattress as they were geocaching and me and mom joked that they had pee and STD's on their feet, me and mom were also caught on film dancing to "Single Ladies", I learned why the Lion's den is for adults only... oh the educational billboard signs
  • Illinois... there was a really freaky storm we couldn't see more than a car length ahead of us (sometimes less) and at the rest stop all the trash cans had been blown over and the shingles of the building looked like they were going to blow off
  • Missouri....We got to see the Gateway to the West and we checked in to a hotel on the west side of St. Louis, and we all still slept like babies
  • Kansas... the longest and most painful part of our journey. I hate Kansas, sorry but there weren't even sunflowers to look at just the occasional buffalo (and by occasional I mean a farm every 200ish miles) The only semi-memorable experience was wasting a butt load of time driving to the OZ museum for Mallory to do a cache and to not go into the museum.... and that's still with 200ish miles to go

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Total Transformation

My brother before his mission was no offense to him but a complete and total hot head. If something happened to make him sad or mad there would be holes in a wall and lots of angry outbursts. I was never truly afraid when he got mad because he never touched me but I'm sure the wall and the punching bag thought differently.
Last night we had to call Tyler to tell him that one of his dear friends had passed away that morning, I was expecting the worst. Hole through a wall, knocked down door, companion with a black eye something. However the responce we got was just the opposite. It was quiet on his end of the phone as it sank in and then the next questions out of his mouth were: 'How'd it happen?'; 'How's his family?'; 'How's his friends?'; 'What's the ward doing about it?'; 'Can I write his family a letter?'....
I basically sat in shock at the total transformation of my brother. He's less focused on him and how things effect him and more focused on others and their well-being

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Guilty Little Pleasures

So over this summer I have indulged in my two guilty little pleasures...
the first is the show Desperate Housewives of New Jersey...
I absolutely love it, the drama is just over the top and that Danielle character is absolutely insane. And Kim G is trying to get on the show so badly.
...Desperate Housewives guilty pleasure number 1
the second guilty pleasure is the facebook game Frontierville
It is a complete and total waste of time but yet in it's own right completely addicting
... I blame my sister and an abundance of free time for guilty little pleasure #2