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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday to Me

June 9th, 1992 I graced the world with my presence.
June 9th, 2010 I officially became an adult and turned 18!
I went to dinner with Aileen, Nick, Lyndsey, Alex, and Alex's girlfriend June 8th to celebrate my birthday, and they bought me the cutest Elmo and Big Bird cake. I had spent the night at my friend Brittney's house the night before, so we actually stayed up until well after midnight, and Brittney and her brother Alex were the very first to wish me a happy 18th birthday. After we woke up in the morning, and I got an interview at Taco Bell we went to my house, and made my favorite... oreo pie! With the help of Benadryl I passed out (I was suffering from a terrible cold) while Brittney went to the doctor with Caleb. Midafternoon they came back with Tropical Smoothie (my favorite), and we snacked on that and cookie dough while watching movies. When my mommy and daddy got home I got to open my present from them. It was an empty laptop case and I was mad cause I didn't get the hint that they'd bought me a laptop. After Caleb and Britt were done laughing at me we headed to Caleb's and from then on I was clueless. Mr. Briggs decided to take us all out to Red Robin, where I ate a really yummy salad (those of you who know me know that me and veggie don't get along so I know shocker me and salad bffs now). And of course the waitors sang to me. (Which is so embarassing) I got to open my cards and present there. The boys were typical boys; Caleb sweet, Cameron funny, and Ian there's really no word for him. As I read Brittney's card I started tearing up.... it was the sweetest thing and although Cameron was saying don't cry don't cry don't cry I couldn't help it. Brittney of course picked out the perfect gift.... a willow tree figurine (she knows I want my own collection someday, so she officially started my collection). After gifts they put me in the car with a blindfold. I knew where we were when I smelt the bowling alley. It was so fun! We went back to Caleb's ate pie and hung out by the pool! I truly love my friends and because of them I had an amazing 18th birthday!

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