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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day at Kings Dominion

****Caution Caution Bad Spelling and Grammar Ahead****
(what do you expect at midnight)

It was a blast from the past... some of my Dudley cousins and I headed for a day at Kings Dominion just like we used to do when I was basically a baby and could only ride the Scooby Doo rollercoaster (which they renamed after Snoopy... sad day). The crew consisted of: Jared, MA, Gwen, Noah, Ryan, and Gracie Pelo; Mike, Cori, Alyson, Bryant, Dawson, Emilee, and Jaret Holloway; Jay, Katie, Brandy, Eric, Gavin, and Tiffany Dudley and me of course. Here's the day in retrospect:
~ I'm always early, good habit but can be inconvenient for the other people it effects.... I was roughly 30 minutes early to the Pelo's.... seriously I was excited but not that excited, I'm just always early.
~Drove down in the girl car (Ai ai, Tiff, Gwen, Emilee, Cori, me and poor Mike had to drive us).. jammed away to Tiffy's iPod... complete with Taylor Swift and Justin (yes we are on first name basis :-D )
~Went on the Berseker, the traditional starter of every Kings Dominion Trip
~Did a marathon of freaky coasters with Jay and the teenagers (Dawson on up).... the Dominator, The Volcano, and The Flight of Fear.... It was fun, but the Volcano will get a story of it's very own.
~Waited patiently while Ai ai, Jay, and Gavin rode the Intimidator (whice was too intimidating for me)
~Had a yummy lunch
~Road the log plum with Ai ai, Tiffy, and Ryan
~Did a marathon of rollercoasters with Jared, Mike, and the big kids (Jaret and Noah + Teenagers)... Grizzley, Hurler, Rickashay (I spelt that wrong), Andacanda, Drop Zone, Avalanche, and the really awesome wooden roller coaster that I can't remember the name of.
~Wrapped up the day with a nice relaxing and soaking ride on the Kings Dominion Version of Roman Rapids

My favorite keepsakes.... memories
~Tiffy's face on the Berseker was priceless. She hadn't been upside down before, and did this cute breathing technique. It was hilarious and she forgave me for laughing.
~Only seeing Noah and Jaret's little bitty hands on half of the rides.
~"We're gonna be close cousins after this one" ~Tiffy~ (in responce to the fact that you basically sit on each others lap during the Avalance ride)
~Nearly chickening out of the Volcano but somehow through peer pressure making it through it.
~Alyson's frequent bathroom pitstops
~Gavin looking like a little kid on the Crypt while Dawson looked like someone was torturing him
~The headache that says, I've just spent the entire day at Kings Dominion
~Cute and adorable little cousins who make me laugh often
~Sitting up front in the Flight of Fear with Bryant.. truly awesome ride and even better when you ride way up front. So glad we decided to do that one twice.
~Wooden Rollercoaster Rides with our hands up, my very most favorite thing ever.
~Taking pictures with Flat Seth
~The laughing, the screaming, the rides, the food, the day it was all perfect!

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