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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Haters and Lunch

So today I met the first official blog haters for lunch. Since they just got back from Europe I went out to lunch with Aileen, Nick, and Alex. I've missed them a lot and I was truly looking forward to it. But, as lunch progressed I found out that they thought my blog was funny but not in a good way funny. Like a why do you have a blog funny.... BLOG HATERS. Seriously, not nice....but this will handle one part of their complaints.... Aileen and Nick you have your very own blog post about just you, and how much you don't like my blog ;P
Seriously though I like blogging it's kinda like my own personal journal and for those who want to keep up with what I do when I go to BYU they can get the gist of it on here.

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