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Monday, June 21, 2010

Advice about Boys

My mom and Sandy Trujillo gave me some of the funniest advice ever about boys...

And I quote, "Don't go cleaning, or ironing, or typing, or cooking, or baking, or anything for those BYU boys unless they're sucking face with you.... they'll hook you. They'll give you a side hug and you'll say oh he really likes me... but a side hug looks like a hook, it hooks you into baking more brownies and typing more papers, nothing else."

I mean I kinda get the whole don't be a sucker and let anyone (not just boys) take advantage of me and stuff, but honestly I love to bake. And I don't see any problem baking for my FHE bro's, my hometeachers, my roomies (My poor roomies, I sure hope they aren't like health nut dieting types, cause I love baking, but not eating what I bake... they will gain weight), or anyone else for that matter.... baking is not a marriage proposal.

It was funny cause 1) my mom said sucking face, 2) Sandy's facial expressions, and 3) there seems to be an underlying message that my mom is sending me to BYU to suck face ;D

haha love you mom!

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